Budapest – Hungary….the best surprise

Two parts Buda and Pest old town and new , divided by the wide, wild and wonderful blue Danube. Not often blue, so we have heard and not today.

The grey Danube

The grey Danube

Staying at Szendtrendre and the transport stations are a bit edgy.

We bus and train (the norm if around 30 Kim’s out of town) into a special city. Immediately get on the on/off bus, and just gob smacked. It’s something to do with Budapest’s proportion, the rising hill in the Buda, the breadth of the river and oh oh Parliament House.

Our first stop, the Market. Must have been a train station in another life. Oh to live around the corner and pick up a bit of this and that.
The next because we had over indulged a walk across the Danube to the Hotel Gellert. Open to the public is their spa and pool in a discreet side entrance.

Believe me it wasn’t easy to traverse. It’s a deluxe rabbit warren down there. With some curiously unhelpful men in little white shorts adding to the confusion. In some areas very large old Russian Men with beautiful young girls.

Suffice to say we finally made it in our swimmers to take some dips and sauna. How grand Art Deco can it get. We were so relaxed we forgot to do the third thing, whatever that was.

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One Response to Budapest – Hungary….the best surprise

  1. Sarah pollock says:

    Oh oh oh Art Deco how I love thee-this is decadent!!

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